About Nick

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Nick Bernier, a former Bristol County prosecutor, seeks to become Bristol County’s new sheriff after years serving the community in the criminal justice system. Nick was raised in Swansea Massachusetts by his parents, two lifelong public servants – his mother a schoolteacher; his father a Vietnam veteran and U.S. postal worker. His youth was focused on academics, ethics and leadership, setting a state record as he climbed to the rank of Eagle Scout by the time he was 13 years of age. 

While pursuing his undergraduate degree at Boston College, he joined the Swansea Charter Commission and later the Swansea Advisory Finance Board. He served as a board member until he departed to pursue his legal studies at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. After graduating with a Juris Doctor and a Masters of Laws in Taxation, he became a licensed attorney in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Just before serving as a Bristol County prosecutor, Nick ran for the office of Governor’s Councilor and lost by a narrow margin of 37 votes – triggering the largest recount in state history in 2012. Immediately after this run for state office, Nick joined the Bristol County District Attorney’s office as an Assistant District Attorney. During his time as a prosecutor, Nick worked under the Second District Attorney focusing on juvenile offenders and white-collar perpetrators. As an Assistant District Attorney he focused his attention on reducing repeat crimes by prioritizing resolutions that involved positive integrations back into the community after a sentence was served. Between 2010 and 2014, he also served as a campaign manager for two successful political campaigns - Michael Rodrigues bid for Massachusetts Senator and Joseph Ferreira’s bid for Massachusetts Governor’s Councilor. 

Nick is currently a practicing attorney and law partner at a regional law firm headquartered in Fall River directly across from the Fall River Justice Center.